Main Scientific Results

Here you can find a selection of some of the most important scientific results obtained by the contribution of the atmospheric experimental activities carried out at the M. Cimone – Po valley facility in the last 5 years.

  • Cristofanelli P, al. et. Negative ozone anomalies at a high mountain site in northern Italy during 2020: a possible role of COVID-19 lockdowns?. Environmental Research Letters 2021. doi:
  • Vollmer MK et al. Unexpected nascent atmospheric emissions of three ozone-depleting hydrochlorofluorocarbons. PNAS 2021;118(5). doi:
  • Bhandari J, et al.  Extensive soot compaction by cloud processing from laboratory and field observations.  Scientific Reports 2019. doi:
  • Prinn RG, et al.  History of chemically and radiatively important atmospheric gases from the Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE).  Earth System Science Data 2018: 10, 985-1018.
  • Graziosi F, et al. European emissions of the powerful greenhouse gases hydrofluorocarbons inferred from atmospheric measurements and their comparison with annual national reports to UNFCCC. Atmospheric Environment 2017;158. doi:
  • Rinaldi M, et al. Atmospheric Ice Nucleating Particle measurements at the high mountain observatory Mt. Cimone (2165~m a.s.l., Italy). Atmospheric Environment 2017;171. doi:
  • Graziosi F, et al.   Emissions of Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) from Europe.  Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2016; 16, 12849-12859.
  • Duchi R, al et.  Long-term (2002-2012) investigation of Saharan dust transport events at Mt. Cimone GAW global station, Italy (2165 m a.s.l.).  Elementa Science of Anthropocene 2016;4. doi:
  • Cristofanelli P, et al. Long-term surface ozone variability at Mt. Cimone WMO/GAW global station (2165 m a.s.l., Italy). Atmospheric Environment 2014;101:23-33. doi:
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