The CMN-PV facility at Bologna is located on the roof of the CNR-ISAC HQs (25 m a.g.l.) within the CNR campus (Via Gobetti 101) at the city suburbs. The measurement site is classified as urban background. The A14 motorway, BLQ international airport and the city center are located 0.8 km to North, 2.6 km to West and 1.7 km to South.

The facility is part of the ACTRIS-Italy network and it is hosted in an air-conditioned shelter (15 m2) located at the roof of CNR-ISAC HQs (39 m a.g.l.) equipped with fast internet connection which allows for real-time data delivery and remote control of instrumentations. Two sampling systems (ACTRIS-compliant) designed for trace gases and aerosol particles (respectively) are available at the station. Both the sampling systems are characterized by monitoring of T and RH with active control of air fluxes. Multiple inlets to the sampling systems are available for the external users (diameters: 1/4" for trace gases and 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" for aerosol). Three quartz windows (one on the roof, two on the walls) are available for vertical and horizontal remote sensing observations.

Host instrumentations are represented by one ozone UV-absorption analyzer, one chemioluminescence NOx analyzer (with pre-reactor) and one meteorological station. A self-built MAX-DOAS system (TROPOGAS) is available at the station for measurement of trace gases (NO2, ozone). A secondary ozone calibrator is available at the CNR-ISAC HQs. During 2022 the instrumental suite will be implemented (calibration facility for NOx, OPC, nephelometer). Within the CNR campus a measurement facility by ARPAE Emilia-Romagna ("Supersito") is also present.


List of measurements

Component Parameter Instrument Status Notes
Aerosol and weather Aerosol size-distribution (range: 0.25 - 30 µm) TBD Implementation (2022)  
Submicron aerosol chemical composition HR-ToF-AMS Operative Owned by ARPAE Emilia-Romagna, operated by CNR-ISAC (Supersito)
Black carbon equivalent concentration MetOne 1054 Operative Owned and operated by ARPAE Emilia-Romagna (Supersito)
Particulate matter concentration (PM1, PM2.5, PM10)   Operative Owned and operated by ARPAE - Emilia Romagna
Aerosol chemical composition Offline chemical determinations on PM10 filter samples Operative Owned and operated by ARPAE - Emilia Romagna
Aerosol light scattering and backscattering coefficient (450, 525 and 635 nm) TBD Implementation (2022)  
Submicron aerosol chemical composition ACSM Operative Split time between Bologna and San Pietro Capofiume
In-situ meteorological variables Vaisala WXT530 Operative  
Trace gases NO, NO2 Teledyne T200UP Operative  
O3 Thermo 49i Operative  
O3 secondary calibrator Thermo 49iPS Operative  
NOx calibration facility TBD Implementation (2022)  
Column concentrations and vertical distribution of NO2 and O3 DOAS (Custom made "TROPOGAS") Operative